Forget the Blue Yeti. A £25 usb microphone that’s just as good…

Let’s cut the crap, the microphone you want is in the video below. Read on for the reasons why.

If you’re a gamer, a youtuber, or an IRL streamer and can’t afford the over hyped, in my opinion, Blue Yeti usb microphone, I’m happy to let you in on this secret.

Audio just needs to be clear, it doesn’t need to be perfect. So when you are starting out it can be a bit intimidating to spring for a £130 microphone. The two best ones being the Blue Yeti or the Elgato Wave 1.

Both are still a compromise to the elite streamer microphone of choice, the Shure SM7B at £400. A great compromise I think is the Shure MV7 (£250), it’s both a USB mic and an XLR so when you are ready to upgrade it’s there for you. When audio reviewers talk about budget microphones they completely miss the point. They’ll reccomend the Boya lavelier mic or the Neewer NW800. They fail to take in to account that someone that is going to buy that cheap s**t (why did I censor that? they are SHIT) they don’t have hundreds of pound of hardware to run it through and make it sound nice.

Yes the Boya will give an adequate audio sound if that’s all you can afford. The Neewer on the other hand is another thing. If you are buying a sub £50 mic, you probably have a pc or laptop that is 5 or 6 years old. Your webcam is just about able to do zoom calls. The soundcard is going to struggle with a cheap mic. Unless you buy an audio mixer or a phantom power box your xlr mic is going to sound bad. You’ll have wasted your money, like i did. My choice was to suck it up and buy an additional mixer/phantom power or search for a mic that can do the job as promised.

To my surprise the amazonbasic USB mic blew my expectations out of the water. In short it works. You just plug it in and it works. It’s £25 and it works like a microphone should. It sounds way better than the other options at this price point, and you don’t need other hardware to make it sound better. With a few tweaks it sounds as clear as a Blue Yeti, or a Blue Snowball, or an Elgato Wave. But straight out of the box it just works.

Sorry if this comes across as some kind of rant but i was so happy to find this microphone after struggling with the Boya and the Neewer for the last year, when this was right there and nobody was talking about.

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Football Team Social Distances From Rivals And Loses By How Many?

German football team socially distanced from rival team and lost by how many?

I love this story, this is epic. I don’t even know why i want to make this video, i don’t even like football.

So this team, were playing rivals who had been in contact with a covid infected player and although testing negative the team didn’t want to take the chance. Only fielding 7 players which is the minimum players for a game to go ahead, they passed the ball to their opponents and walked to the side of the pitch. They returned and stood at a social adequate distance from the other team.

The rivals played on and continued to score goal after goal, 1 every 2 minutes in fact. So how many did they score… well this is a let down… 37 goal.

It was 37 – Nil. i presume they just got bored because i’m pretty sure i could score 37 goals in 90 minutes.

They could have at least scored an own goal out solidarity.

37 thats how many dicks Dantes girlfriend sucked in clerks. 

And rivals, you can suck another one for bad sportsmanship.

How to get to 300 Subscribers in 14 Years!

The 300 Subscriber video… only took 14 years…

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It’s Always Sunny In Los Santos… Greenman GTAV

Revenge Of The Killer Sandwich

Created for The Channel in 2008, this is a re edited version for 2020.

Back in 2008 Tom Green hosted fan made videos on his website. Tom challenged his fans to make a video for a section called DepuTV. This was my attempt at being funny.

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