Episode #201 Dead From The Waist down

New episode of my show on Planet Lam

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Brand new Planet Lam design.

It’s pure sex if you ask me. I worked pretty hard in getting the layout just right and the design came after. The chatroom is inline with the video now and a twitter update is just below the video.

Kind of a lounge feel to it. Welcome to PlanetLam.com

Live web show every Monday @ 9pm

PlanetLam.com launched with guest Marc Kavanagh

Hey gang, very exciting news. The first Official LIVE Broadcast from PlanetLam.com happened today at 1:47pm GMT. We had guest musician Marc Kavanagh over for the launch and it went down a treat. There was some technical hitches (a lot) but it was a success. We had live questions from the chatroom and we will have a phone number to call pretty soon. We will have a wide range of guests from musicians to comedians to crazy people i found on the streets. Check back often. Go to PlanetLam.com to view the recorded first webisode.

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