System Of A Down – 2002 – Ozzfest Ireland, Punchestown Racecourse, Ireland [Live FLAC Recording]

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System Of A Down – ‘Ozzfest 2002’

Artist: System Of A Down
Date: May 26th, 2002
Venue: Punchestown Racecourse
Location: Naas, Ireland
File Type: FLAC
File Size: 319MB
File Length: 56:32
Source: AUD#1 (Sony Mic->Sony NetMD)

1. Prison Song
2. Drugs
3. Know
4. Jet Pilot
5. Deer Dance
6. DDevil
7. Suggestions
8. Psycho
9. Chop Suey!
10. Bounce
11. ATWA
12. Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits Cover)
13. Aerials
14. Toxicity
15. Jam #1
16. War?
17. Needles
18. Science
19. Suite-Pee
20. Sugar

– 2002 European Tour.
– Performing on the main stage at ‘Ozzfest 2002’.
– First and only System Of A Down show in Ireland.
– ‘Jam #1’ contains a snippet of the unreleased, instrumental song ‘Hezze’.
– ‘Fuck The System’ chant in the middle of ‘Suite-Pee’.
– Dave Lombardo of Slayer played drums for the second half of ‘Suite-Pee’.

System Of A Down – 2002-05-26 – Ozzfest Ireland, Punchestown Racecourse, Ireland [Live FLAC Recording] 319mb!DBljxBYC!w6q9PRc8YqG_Hj5SH4TIFvJnl1qurc3BGjL6bAEmMuM


New Gypsy Rebel Rabble song… “Nora’s Waltz”

Gypsy Rebel Rabble VS Blind Yackety

Me old muckers Gypsy Rebel Rabble are at it again. This time a split with Blind Yackety. You can find The Rabbles track below and if you wanna buy the split get down to Tower Records or Twisted Pepper (Abbey st), it’s only a fiver.

Comply or Die new album review #Depths

Comply or Die

Album launch September 8th

I’m a man of very few words, especially when it comes to reviewing music. A lot of reviews get dogged down in words and comparisons to similar music without answering whether the bloody thing is any good or not.

I can sum up Depths, the new album by Northern Irish punks Comply or Die, with one word. “Uncompromising”

Years of listening to punk rock and living in the “give it to me right now” generation means I have an attention span no longer than it takes to burn toast, but it’s the 2 longer tracks that stand out for me on the album. Comply or Die are undoubtedly punk rock but aren’t sticking to that “genres” limitations, they play their own brand off sludgey facemelting rock n roll. “Vermin” clocks in at an impressive  11+ mins and by the time the vocals kick in I could’ve listened to 5 Ramones songs. The vocals though sparse are great and have a unique (to my ears) sound. Riff after riff it builds and builds till it drops into a valley where you can’t quiet see the bottom only to clamber back up and start kicking ass again. It doesn’t FEEL like i’m listening to a long song and i want it to keep going for much longer. Luckily album closer “DMT” feeds my hunger with the 12 minutes of noisey riffs and beats.

I must stress that it takes a lot for me to be kept interested by lengthy songs when I’m much more at home with short sharp shocks, although I do love me some sludgey riffmasters like Slomatics or Mongolia.  The other songs are around the 3 to 4 minute mark and track 2 (Shanghied) and track 5 (I’m Sick Of This) particularly are balls out punk rock and roll with the shortest (2mins) almost instrumental song Tetsuo ticking all boxes for me.

Yes, this album is good, it’s one of my top releases this year. And its been a good year.

This is a band you can tell is at home in the live element. So take this as the blueprint for the attack and get down to the frontline when they release the album at The Menagerie, Belfast – Sept 8th Comply Or Die, Slomatics, The Burnt Reynolds FREE ENTRY doors 9pm

Music blog DROP-D have the album streaming here: