I don’t know what this is but you have to watch it.


Watch “Wintergatan – Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)”


BritRock Classics #1 – Earth Vs The Wildhearts

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The 90’s gave us many genres; Grunge, Nu-Metal, Britpop and the Pop-Punk scene. But flying under – although often infuriatingly close to -the radar was a loose collection of British rock bands, lumped together through locality rather than a shared sonic blueprint. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to the best of BritRock: the genre you didn’t know you knew.

First up:Earth vs The Wildhearts

If there is one band that embodies the BritRock scene more than any other it’s The Wildhearts. Formed by ex-Quireboys guitarist, Ginger, after he was kicked out of the band for the alleged crime of excessive drinking. They flirted with success, courted disaster and produced some of the finest music of the era, leaving a trail of what-ifs and what-could-have-beens in their wake.

The Quireboys had been touted by many as the next big thing but in truth they were a ‘hair’ band born just…

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