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New Gypsy Rebel Rabble song… “Nora’s Waltz”

Gypsy Rebel Rabble VS Blind Yackety

Me old muckers Gypsy Rebel Rabble are at it again. This time a split with Blind Yackety. You can find The Rabbles track below and if you wanna buy the split get down to Tower Records or Twisted Pepper (Abbey st), it’s only a fiver.

20 Bulls Each in Molten Magazine

Ok i’m defo pissing where I sleep with this blog post but I just can’t contain myself. One of my fave bands have a 2 pager (4 if you count the poster size image) in what has become the most important magazine in Irish underground music. I say it’s important because it sits beside Kerrang and Metal Hammer in my crappy little hometown and it’s NOT HotPress. Finally people outside the pale (both pales Belfast and Dublin) can see whats going on all over Ireland in the little towns dotted around. Fuck me Kilcoole was my punk rock mecca back in the day. Shits happening and it’s in Molten Magazine. I implore you to purchase this rag but here I am being a prick and scanning in 20 Bulls Each interview and what I think is an introduction to what DIY is. So without trying to piss off Molten and with an intention to expose both a great band and great magazine here are screen shots of 20BE’s interview.

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