A Stranger Passed by Toddy :POEM

A stranger passed
taking the scent of each flower
How surprised an English woman when presented
With a bouquet of wild
Her husband stood in quiet recall

Are these the Irish
Who rebel and will to die
Are these the Irish
Who faced the Germans on the Sonne
Or am I the gom
When in younger years I stood at Mennin gate
A proud Irish man
The salt of that single tear
It won’t hold close, it won’t hold dear
But I the Irish man at the last post
Cried Another.

Toddy 18th June 2017


‘Boys’ by Toddy [poem]

‘Boys’ by Toddy [poem]


What a beautiful day over Arklow
From my hospital window i see
For the very first time
The world’s a reality
Easy scared
By what the doctor said
My children then inform me
There is a change upcoming
A different life to see
Will smile at new beginnings
Hope to leave a past behind
The wander of a grandchild
Stands paramount to my mind

If in gods grace
In this time and place
I’ll embrace your thought and mind

My blood runs through another generation
Cheers to all who’s gone before me
The memory in their absence
To those my like and kind

Toddy Kennedy 10-3-14

POEM: Tayto – by Toddy Kennedy

Tayto – by Toddy Kennedy Oct 2013
Lost but not gone forever
The old adage
Never say never
Your blatant genius
A call of command
A friendship, a lifelong, a welcome
The very touch of an honest hand
Sea green eyes of just the touch of granite grey
Born of all your class and kind
Those one’s who think of you
All those left behind
To stand at Heavens portal
For you, my friend, immortal
Our Gods will stand in their time to gather hay
That I might, one day say
Amongst the closeness of my one belief
Even in the darkness
There is more than
More than grief
Exempt from all tomorrows
What I’d ever leave behind
Parameters which was once a frame of mind
Cascade in flush
Through valliant tears
I thought of you
Holding back those tears
Held close my way of thinking
Dispelled my way of drinking
But found you in your absence
Somewhere that I had lost myself
And then found you again
Twelve months since your smile
Cast a grin across a bar
One step
That’s one too far
I miss ya Tayto
Been such a while.

“Peter” (a poem by Toddy Kennedy)


The Christmas drink was not the same this year
Your absence left many man to recollect
Many with a tear
An empty stool
Where a creative fool
Could cast a light on day
My friend until the very end
No passions left to play
I’ll miss your words of wonder
A view of other life and times
Music walked before you
Within the rhythms
Of your rhymes

Toddy Jan ‘14

Boy,ooh! (a poem by Toddy Kennedy)


Oh! If our fathers
See what we see now
Where swallows pass to genuflect as passers by
An autumn breeze drifts quietly
On herringbone sky
An Arklow summer
Those were our days
But yet, again the passers by
Anything in their moments, had left their wonderment
Which will bring anew
While I hear spring lark or sparrow
My thought will be of you
For this is not for sale nor not be bought
My friends the salt of this green earth
He’s not the bull for nothing
Bould Nitzy by his side
Yet in all my company
Only you I can confide
Your eyes still bring me brightness
On the darkest of my day

Toddy Jan 13, 2014